Pall Corporation is discontinuing some of its legacy products in the Lube & Hydraulic Oil filtration space

Effective 1 October 2023, older brands such as Coralon®, Ultipor® III, and Ultipleat® SRT filters are being phased out in favor of newer brands such as Supralon® and Athalon®.  But fear not!  Athalon and Supralon filters deliver better performance in the same package as outgoing legacy products.

  • Higher Beta rating (βX(C)≥ 2000) for faster system cleanup and improved cleanliness levels
  • CST (Cyclic Stabilization Test) rating to ensure high performance consistency over the full-service life of the filter element
  • Asymmetric pack construction for optimized pleat stability and drainage
  • Static charge resistance as standard across the full product offering
  • Low clean differential pressure drop


Choose Supralon to replace Coralon and Ultipor filter elements


Choose Athalon to replace Ultipleat SRT filter elements


Limited last time buys for discontinued products


Pall Corporation is committed to your total satisfaction and to provide industry-leading filtration technologies to protect your equipment. Athalon and Supralon filters protect a variety of Lube & Hydraulic Oil applications, but your individual processes may require more adjustment time.  If last time buys are required, please contact your local Pall representative before 15th December 2023.


To check which products are being discontinued and identify your replacement Pall filter, please refer to the Lube & Hydraulic Crossover Tool available on


Who can I ask for additional help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Pall representative or contact us on