Oil and Gas Downstream Refining Filtration Solutions

Filtration and separation solutions for downstream oil refining operations.

Maximize Performance & Reliability of Oil and Gas Downstream Refining Systems

Solutions to extend the Life of Capital Equipment


Oil and gas downstream refining rely on the purity of feed streams for efficient process reactions. Removal of fluid and particulate contaminants from feed streams and fluid recirculation processes is essential for improving downstream refining efficiency.


Our advanced feedstock filtration solutions for oil and gas deliver premium filtration and fluid separation performance for a variety of refining applications such as alkylation, caustic treatment, hydroprocessing final products, HF, amine and catalyst recirculation systems, fluid separations and much more.   Whether it be hydrocarbon feedstocks or supporting fluid systems such as solvents or catalysts, fluid streams that are free of contaminants facilitate efficient reactions and improve output quality.


Oil and Gas Downstream Refining Applications




With advanced media designs and materials, our filtration solutions maximize the capture of contaminants that are not only harmful to the immediate process, but can damage equipment further downstream resulting in lengthy and costly maintenance interventions. Along with increased capacities, the frequency of filter maintenance activities is significantly reduced to further reduce operating costs. For fluid recycle streams, our high-performance filtration extends the life of costly fluids such as solvents and catalysts as well.


Advanced Filtration Solutions Deliver Premium Performance for a Wide Range of Oil and Gas Downstream Refining Applications


Our downstream refinery filtration and separation products are specifically engineered to maximize contaminant removal and operate with longer onstream life for a truly streamlined operation that directly and positively impact business performance.


In today’s business environment, refinery process efficiency is as important as ever. Minimizing downtime, improving process reactions and output products, and reducing operating costs are essential to optimizing business performance. Effective and reliable filtration solutions have direct and significant impacts on each of these concerns. As the global leader in innovative filtration technologies, we understand the pain points of the downstream oil refining operation and have developed premium filtration solution to improve performance across numerous downstream refining processes.


Throughout the downstream refining operation, both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities are major contributors to operational downtime. Regardless of the process, whether it be alkylation, caustic treatment, feedstock filtration, or anything else, contamination poses significant risks that can result in extensive and costly downtime. With our filtration solutions, contaminant removal is maximized which greatly reduces the risk of equipment failure and unscheduled maintenance interventions.  Furthermore, with longer onstream life, the frequency of scheduled maintenance operations is reduced.


The purity of feedstocks and supporting fluid streams such as solvents and catalysts are essential to producing high-quality end products. Our effective and reliable filtration and separation technologies remove harmful contaminants and facilitate efficient refining reaction that improve end-product quality and minimize product waste.


Our advanced feedstock filtration solutions for oil and gas are engineered to improve the downstream refining process through effective and reliable contaminant removal, reduced maintenance downtime, extended life of capital equipment, and enhanced end-product quality for a truly streamlined operation and significantly increased business performance.


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